Bramley Sunnyside Junior School.

This is a great school for poets and writers to visit. I got SO well looked after. The school is in Rotherham which meant I didn’t have to travel very far, didn’t have to use my SAT NAV or lose my temper (which can happen when you are lost in a strange place and the SATNAV says You Are Here This Is Your Destination when in fact you are staring at a field full of cows, smells and rainy sogginess instead of a cheery welcoming school). This is a great school and the grown ups and children could NOT have been friendlier. I performed my poems and we all laughed a lot and then I did my workshop sessions with different classes. Now I visit lots of schools and I always find it hard to remember where everything is, the staffroom, the hall, the library(Where i worked this time) so if the school organises a Personal Helper for the day it really is er..well….helpful. So I got my own PA called Ben. He showed me round, helped me find the books I kept losing and asked me VERY HARD QUESTIONS for his blog. I think Ben is going to be an ace journalist and writer one day because he asked me all sorts of stuff about my poems and stories and how I think them up, as well as being a Very Helpful Helper. Ben, you were a credit to the school.

Fab school. Fab people. Fab day. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Ben’s Blog.

The extremely funny poet David Harmer, whose favourite football team is Sheffield United, visited our school as part of our Book Week. He made everyone laugh and even sold some of his wonderful books like ‘Spill the Beans’ and ‘The Truth About Teachers’. As I shadowed him all day, I learnt lots of interesting facts. Weirdly, when he was a child he was abducted by aliens that brain-washed his football side but kept his book reading and poem writing talent! However they also taught him how to eat fruit cake, when he was there the aliens said “Soon we will give your memories back earthling”. The performance that Mr Harmer gave was fantastic and so funny. The poetry workshops were also a hit with all the pupils that took part. I certainly had an interesting day with Mr Harmer and it is a day I will always remember. We all wish him good luck with the new book!

Frisby on the Wreake Primary School.

As September became October I visited Leicestershire and discovered this fab school. It was very near a HUGE Pork Pie shop in Melton Mowbery and I nearly bought 100 pies….but resisted at the last moment. When I worked with Year 1 somebody hiccoughed really loudly and we all fell over laughing! More importantly, we made up a new poem about How To Cure Hiccoughs, so all of Year One spent the morning standing on their heads, drinking water and saying BOO! loudly to each other.I worked right through the school, met everyone and we all had a very LAUGH-OUT-LOUD- kind of a day, inventing and performing poems about aliens, pirates, monsters and er well…………hiccoughs!




St.Silas C of E Primary School Blackburn.

A return visit to this impressive school with its amazing new buildings and football pitches in the sky (really!). I performed poems to everybody in the school and I tried hard to find new ones or different ones from last time. That meant I didn’t start with Pass It On It’s Really True. Then several older pupils asked me why? Which was great because it meant they had remembered me and that particular poem from a while ago and that they had enjoyed it! I worked with the Year 3 classes and made some fierce and funny pirate poems.


Another great time at St.Silas. Many thanks

Two Festivals

Over the summer I appeared at two festivals. The first was The Litton Poetry Festival in Derbyshire. It was a scorching hot day  and I worked with some children and their grown ups in the school hall. I performed some poems and then we made up huge MONSTER poems and performed them for each other. A great day, and a very hot one too!

The second festival was the Hull Freedom Festival which is an enormous event down by the marina in Hull. It was amazing, so full of crowds, atmosphere, music, dance,poetry and art. I appeared in the story tent and met loads of great kids and grown ups…..a really fab festival where we shared poems, joined in with poems and generally had a great time.

A Big Shout Out to Years 3 and 4 at Westways School Sheffield!

I think this was my fourth visit to Westways Primary School in Sheffield. I have always had a really great time there. It is HUGE!!!! It comprises of two sites next to each other and they are fabulous Victorian looking stone buildings with lively playgrounds around them crammed with stuff to do. I performed my poems to all the  Year 3 and 4 children and their Grown Ups and there was a lot of laughing, a lot of poetry shouting and a lot of FUN.  The pupils at Westways always know how to enjoy school and this day was no exception. Then I visited each classroom in Year 3 and 4 and we made some big noisy poems about UFOs and disgusting Alien Take Aways featuring Purple Snotburgers and Ten Eyes Pies (or something very like that!) all the way from Jupiter.


SUPER YUKKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another great day in a great school. Thank you!

Hi there St.Paul’s C of E Primary School, Scunthorpe.

I visited this lovely Brand Sparkling New school on June 19th and was made very welcome. I performed my poems to everyone at the start of the day, lots of children and grown-ups laughed, joined in and enjoyed  The Power of Poetry!!!!! Then I worked with all the classes and we made Big Loud Poems. Some people were kind enough to buy some books from me which I signed. It was exciting to see such a new school beginning its life, it really is a lovely place to learn and work and they enjoy poetry too!

So thank you Mr. Vockins and all the kids and grown ups in the new school on Redshank Drive