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Able Writers

David can offer workshops to Primary schools on constructing narratives, including work on Add Change and Connect which introduces some L5 grammar work. On his own this is usually after a drama session in which a story has been made and a dilemma posed and solved collaboratively.

Increasingly there is an added emphasis on looking at some of the grammar work required in KS2 SATs.

A lot of the time David works for an agency called Able Writers who book him into schools to work with groups of Gifted and Talented writers to create stories.

Able Writers is an organisation that links schools with writers and David has done work for them in many Primary schools all over the country. Usually this takes the form of an introduction to writing stories, but David recently offered a day hosted by Prince Edwards Primary School in Sheffield on the theme of persuasive writing. For details please contact ;


Shelley Lee

Authors Abroad – Able Writers Programme in association with Brian Moses

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