David Harmer; publications for children.


Poetry Collections;

The Very Best of David Harmer                                                        Macmillans

Spill The Beans (with Paul Cookson)                                                Macmillans

Elephant Dreams(with Paul Cookson and Ian McMillan)                Macmillans

Creaking Down The Corridor                                                            Twist In The Tale

Pirate Poems (solo collection).                                                                       Macmillans

The Truth About Teachers (with Paul Cookson, Roger Stevens and Brian Moses) Macmillans

The Truth About Parents  (as above)                                               Macmillans

It’s Behind You (with Paul Cookson)                                                 Macmillans

It Came From Outer Space (with Paul Cookson)                  Macmillans

Prose Collections

Overstone (with Ian McMillan and Martyn Wiley)                                   Nelson

Summertime Blues                                                                                     Nelson

Millie’s Story                                                                                             Collins

As Editor:


When The Teacher Isn’t Looking                   Macmillan

My Step dad Is An Alien                                Macmillan

The Prime Minister Is Ten Today                 Macmillan

How To Survive School                                 Macmillan

Spectacular Schools (with Paul Cookson)     Macmillan



Bright Streets, Dark Corners             Unwin Hyman

Poetry appears in the following anthologies;

for Macmillans

Read Me 1

Read Me 2

Read Me and Laugh

The Works 1

The Works 2

The Works 3

The Works 4

The Works 6

The Works KS1

The Works KS2

Wizard Poems

Monster Poems

The Teacher’s Revenge

The Evil Doctor Mucus Spleen

You’re Not Going Out Like That

I’m Telling On You

Ha Ha (100 poems to make you laugh)

Parents Keep Out.

We Was Robbed

Hysterical History Poems; The Romans

Hysterical History Poems: The Victorians

Hysterical History Poems: Middle Ages


Let’s Twist Again

Loony Letters and Daft Diaries

Tongue Twisters

You’ll Never Walk Alone


The Secret Lives of Teachers

The Rhyme Riot

Who Rules The School

Teachers’ Pets

Don’t Get Your Knickers In A Twist

Aliens Stole My Underpants 1 and 2

Ridiculous Relatives

Mice On Ice

Larks With Sharks

Join In Or Else

Who Rules The School Now?

The Word Party

Parent-Free Zone

Unzip Your Lips

Unzip Your Lips Again

One River, Many Creeks

The School Year

More Secret Lives Of Teachers

Frogs In Clogs

Welcome To The Snake Hotel

A Sea Creature Ate My Teacher

We Are Not Alone

Christmas Poems

They Think It’s All Over

The Horrible Headmonster


How To Embarrass Grown Ups

Taking My Human For A Walk

Never Play Snap With A Shark

I Remember

Custard Pie

School Trips

Freaky Families

Peculiar Pets

Poems For 7 Year Olds


Marbles In My Pocket

The Unicorn and Lions

My Mum Put Me On The Transfer List

There’s A Hamster In The Fast lane


For OUP;

Twins Poems

Let’s Celebrate


Earthways Earthwise

Never Say Boo To A Ghost

Home Poems

Food poems

Materials Poems

Another Third Poetry Book

Another Fifth Poetry Book

A Fifth Poetry Book

Schools Out

Monster poems

Magic poems

Dragon poems

Dinosaur Poems

Poems To Take On Holiday

Dawn’s Nativity

I Say I Say I Say

People Poems

The Oxford Book of Children’s Verse 2007


Other publishers;

The Poetry Store                    Hodder

Turn That Racket down         Red Fox

My Mate Fancies You                        Red Fox

A Trunkful of Elephants         Methuen

Verse and Prose                      Lamda

Verse Universe                       BBC

Techno Talk                           Bodley Head

Blood and Roses                     Hodder

Poems To Paddle In               Hutchinson

I Love You Football               Hodder

You Just Can’t Win                Blackie

My First Has Gone Bonkers  Blackie

The Secret Life Of Pants        A and C Black

Completely Crazy Poems      Collins

Disgusting Poems                  Scholastic

Silly Poems                             Scholastic

Dinosaur Poems                     Scholastic

Book of Children’s Poems      Usborne

101 Favourite Poems             Collins


Stories appear in;

The Young Oxford Book of Football Stories             OUP

The Turning Tide                                                       Nelson

Gary Lineker’s Favourite Football Stories                Macmillans

More of Gary Lineker’s Favourite Football Stories   Macmillans

Poetry for Adults;


Disturbed Ground                                           Littlewood

The Age of Steam                                           Wide Skirt

Closure                                                           Wide Skirt

Six (with others)                                              Rivelin Grapheme

The Spinner’s Final Over                               Versewagon Press

In Two Minds (with Paul Cookson)               A Twist in the Tale


My poems for adults have appeared, often several times, in the following magazines/small presses.




Anglo-Welsh Review


New Voices2


The Rialto



London Magazine

Wide Skirt

The North

Smiths Knoll


Antiphon (e magazine)

Work done for television.


Look North

My Show

Northern Lights


Wham Bam Strawberry Jam

Other channels





Loose Ends



Afternoon Shift (for a while as a regular contributor)

Verse Universe

Radio Sheffield

Radio York