Thornhill J and I school in Dewsbury

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!  This was quite something let me tell you!

This amazing school is working on a project called  ’10 Easy Pieces’ which is set up by the BBC. Each year group listens to a piece of music and then responds through art, dance, drama, poetry and anything else they can think of! Very exciting.

I performed my poems to all of the school in a big hall. There are over 500 children attending this wonderful place and that was a big crowd. But they all joined in and laughed lots and had a great time.

Then I worked with the KS2 pupils and we wrote some poems and then made big performance poems inspired by the music. We shared these big poems the end of the day.

Y6 were listening to A Short Ride In A Fast Machine by the American composer Adams. So that performance poem was really fun, with different voices doing different machine bits and different words very quickly before screeching to a stop.

Y5 were listening to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony which has a very famous opening.So their performance poem was all about very loud and strong lines about the weather contrasted by more peaceful, more gentle lines. Whirlwinds and then sunshine, that sort of thing.

Y4 were listening to the finale of The Firebird by Stravinsky, music he wrote for a ballet based upon the folk tale of a prince using the magic firebird to help free a princess from the clutches of an evil demon.  So their poems were about that tale.

Y3 listened to Mozart’s Horn Concerto which is a lot like a chase, so their poem was all about different games of Tig and one person chasing another, using dips like ‘coconut crack ‘ as a chorus.

Because the groups were quite big, we had a lot of fun with different people saying different things at the same time and on their own. There were a lot of interesting rhythms and textures produced by the pupils which sounded great when they performed them.

And they performed them very very well.

The children worked SO hard on their poems and all the grown ups were just SO helpful and everybody really enjoyed themselves AND produced some fabulous poetry, both written on paper  and Out Loud in big groups.

Another great day!






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