NCBC Conference in Norwich 26.11.15

This is the amazing conference that Marilyn Brocklehurst (who runs her famous Norfolk Children’s Book Centre) organises. So many teachers, book sellers, librarians, project-leaders, academics and writers in one place! So I got to meet the FANTASTIC writer and illustrator, Nick Butterworth and hear him talk and share slides of his wonderful books and artwork.

The highlight for me was that the Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell was there and he talked about his books and shared his drawings. A very funny and interesting presentation.

THEN when I got onstage to perform some poems, without any warning, Chris Riddell Children’s Laureate jumped up on stage and began to illustrate my poems AS I READ THEM !!!!!!!  I didn’t even realise he was there for a moment and then I turned around and there is Chris Riddell drawing away as I was performing. FANTASTIC
A-Mazing!  Totally amazing of him, and what an honour for me. I have four of his fantastic drawings all to do with my poems and I am going to put a photo of me holding one up on this blog.

It is Chris Riddell’s drawing to go with my poem There’s An Alien Down The Loo and when I work out how to do it I shall put it on this blog!

Thank you Marilyn for inviting me and thank you Chris, amazing.

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