St.Peter’s C of E Primary School Leeds, 13.02.15

Some people think Friday the 13th is a very unlucky day. Well it wasn’t for me! It was the day I discovered the AMAZING St.Peter’s C of E Primary School in Burmantofts in Leeds.

Because I am always worrying about traffic jams (I need to write a poem called Scared Of Being Stuck In Traffic. Then I need to write a poem called Traffic Jams Taste Of Raspberries Or Maybe Apricots) I decided to leave home very early to drive to Leeds because it is a busy city. So, I got to St.Peter’s Very Early Indeed. Ooops.

A lovely welcome, a lovely cup of tea and then Mrs. Holliday the wonderful head teacher, told me that today was a WHOLE DAY thinking about poetry! WOW!

I performed my poems and everybody laughed a lot and joined in, Mr.Moore creaked down the corridor and there was a Pirate Crew as well. Yo ho ho! Then I worked with a fantastic Y6 class and we made `an excellent poem about the pirate who had a shop nearby. Then I met Y2 who were just great and enjoyed joining in with some more poems. They made a really scary poem about a monster who lived in a haunted house in the forest.

The afternoon was amazing. The whole school went into the hall with loads of family members too, and the final was held of the St.John’s Recital Competition.In the weeks leading up to the event, lots and lots of pupils had learnt poems by heart and recited them. Then the teachers had chosen (what a difficult job!) some finalists and now they were saying their poems in front of a packed school hall! The final was judged by the President of Headingly Rotary, Mr.Walbank and some other important people like the Chair of Governors, Victoria Dalby. All the finalists (from Reception up to Y6) stood on the stage in turn and said their poems. They were brilliant at it too! In between some of the poems, all the children in the school sang and WOWZERS!  What singing! Mr.Robertson the Y6 teacher was conducting and really, the choral harmonies and quality of singing was brilliant. I read some poems, the judges picked a KS1 / F winner and a KS2 winner and all the finalists were given a book.

A very very special day. What a fantastic and buzzing school! Thank you for a day to remember.

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