Some schools I visited recently.

Back in September I was asked to visit Langold Dyscarr Community Primary School in Worksop and had a great day there. We all made really great poems and enjoyed performing them LOUDLY!

In October I was invited to Oughtibridge Primary School in Sheffield. I had visited before so  I knew it would be a great day and of course it was! I met so many splendid pupils and so many caring and fab-to-be-with grown ups. It was, as it always is, just a great day. We all made some excellent poems and had a very good LAUGH! Thank you Oughtibridge Primary!!!!!

Also in October, The Poetry Society arranged for me to spend a poetry day Christ Church St.Peter’s CE Primary in Mountsorrel in Leicestershire. Around the same time I visited Watercliffe Meadow Primary School in Sheffield. They were both very enjoyable, busy, bustling ays full of laughter, rhymes, monsters and aliens. Pirates too. Lots of pirates.

I mean the poems not the children.

I think I mean that!

In November I made a return visit to the excellent New Brunswick Community Primary School in Sheffield. The idea was to write comedy poetry and I think we did!!!! It was as enjoyable and as fun as before, loads of great kids and  great grown ups. Another poetry packed day with loud choruses and Mr.Moore creaking down every corridor.

When I visited St.Peter’s Junior School in Ruddington, Notts, it was with a special purpose. Of course I was asked to perform my poems to the school and make everyone laugh and shout out poetry with me and I did that. Great kids! Great fun. BUT it was on 11.11.14, Remembrance Day, a very special and important day indeed. We held the two minutes silence at the stroke of 11 and I worked with several classes writing our own Remembrance poems. I had written a poem about my grandad, Lance Corporal Ben Harmer which I had ended my opening performance with, and I read it again several times that day. He was a soldier in WW1 and survived, came home, had a family with his wife Bess who eventually was one of my grandmas. Actually my Welsh grandad, Dadda Dai, was a soldier in that war too, enlisting under age like so many others did.  By then though,  it was 1918 and he didn’t have to do any fighting because the war stopped.

Anyway it was a very moving day and the children wrote some superb poems.

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