January 2015

When I drove over to Oxford Grove Primary School in Bolton, I had a dreadful journey. There were roadworks and there had been an accident and I found myself in the BIGGEST traffic jam in the whole history of big traffic jams EVER! So, I felt awful when I arrived because it is really a BAD THING to be late.

All the staff and children of this wonderful school were LOVELY and made me a cup of tea and didn’t mind me being a bit late. I started with a slightly shorter poetry show and then worked with classes of children through the day. It was great and everybody joined in, had fun and worked really hard at making poems. So thank you Oxford Road Primary for being so great and not being cross with me.

It was really snowy as well when I got there so when I set off for St.John with St.Michael C of E Primary, Shawforth the following week I realised I needed to set off even earlier because of my recent problems . This time there were no traffic jams or icy problems and I arrived in good time. PHEW! It was really dark and I couldn’t see the school to start with. Then I did but I couldn’t figure out where the road went once you got to the farm!! Anyway, I made it ok and it was a great day and I felt really welcomed there. Lots of lovely cups of tea, excellent young poets, brilliant grown-ups. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!



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