Bramley Sunnyside Junior School.

This is a great school for poets and writers to visit. I got SO well looked after. The school is in Rotherham which meant I didn’t have to travel very far, didn’t have to use my SAT NAV or lose my temper (which can happen when you are lost in a strange place and the SATNAV says You Are Here This Is Your Destination when in fact you are staring at a field full of cows, smells and rainy sogginess instead of a cheery welcoming school). This is a great school and the grown ups and children could NOT have been friendlier. I performed my poems and we all laughed a lot and then I did my workshop sessions with different classes. Now I visit lots of schools and I always find it hard to remember where everything is, the staffroom, the hall, the library(Where i worked this time) so if the school organises a Personal Helper for the day it really is er..well….helpful. So I got my own PA called Ben. He showed me round, helped me find the books I kept losing and asked me VERY HARD QUESTIONS for his blog. I think Ben is going to be an ace journalist and writer one day because he asked me all sorts of stuff about my poems and stories and how I think them up, as well as being a Very Helpful Helper. Ben, you were a credit to the school.

Fab school. Fab people. Fab day. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Ben’s Blog.

The extremely funny poet David Harmer, whose favourite football team is Sheffield United, visited our school as part of our Book Week. He made everyone laugh and even sold some of his wonderful books like ‘Spill the Beans’ and ‘The Truth About Teachers’. As I shadowed him all day, I learnt lots of interesting facts. Weirdly, when he was a child he was abducted by aliens that brain-washed his football side but kept his book reading and poem writing talent! However they also taught him how to eat fruit cake, when he was there the aliens said “Soon we will give your memories back earthling”. The performance that Mr Harmer gave was fantastic and so funny. The poetry workshops were also a hit with all the pupils that took part. I certainly had an interesting day with Mr Harmer and it is a day I will always remember. We all wish him good luck with the new book!

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