A Big Shout Out to Years 3 and 4 at Westways School Sheffield!

I think this was my fourth visit to Westways Primary School in Sheffield. I have always had a really great time there. It is HUGE!!!! It comprises of two sites next to each other and they are fabulous Victorian looking stone buildings with lively playgrounds around them crammed with stuff to do. I performed my poems to all the  Year 3 and 4 children and their Grown Ups and there was a lot of laughing, a lot of poetry shouting and a lot of FUN.  The pupils at Westways always know how to enjoy school and this day was no exception. Then I visited each classroom in Year 3 and 4 and we made some big noisy poems about UFOs and disgusting Alien Take Aways featuring Purple Snotburgers and Ten Eyes Pies (or something very like that!) all the way from Jupiter.


SUPER YUKKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another great day in a great school. Thank you!

Hi there St.Paul’s C of E Primary School, Scunthorpe.

I visited this lovely Brand Sparkling New school on June 19th and was made very welcome. I performed my poems to everyone at the start of the day, lots of children and grown-ups laughed, joined in and enjoyed  The Power of Poetry!!!!! Then I worked with all the classes and we made Big Loud Poems. Some people were kind enough to buy some books from me which I signed. It was exciting to see such a new school beginning its life, it really is a lovely place to learn and work and they enjoy poetry too!

So thank you Mr. Vockins and all the kids and grown ups in the new school on Redshank Drive

NE Wales Book Quiz, Wrexham, June 2013.

In early June I was in North East Wales participating in this event. It really was a great day. I had been asked along by Frances Jones who is the Acting Chief Liibrarian of the NEWales schools library service, who organised the event with her team of colleagues and I was to be a judge in a drama competition and then I was to perform some poems. The event began with a welcome from Dylan Hughes the Libraries Officer of Wrexham Borough Council, and of course it was presented by Dylan in both English and Welsh. Then there was the quiz. The quizmaster was Gareth Edwards. The schools  were the final twelve to make it through the heats and there was a wide selection of books they could be asked about. It really was tough tough tough and whatever the Welsh for Really Tough is. There were loads of mums and dads and sisters and brothers and teachers and children from the participating schools and they could answer too if nobody in the quiz teams could. There were spot prizes of different books and the whole morning was simply FAB FAB FAB and whatever the Welsh for Really FAB is! Of course it was fab because it was ALL ABOUT BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then the schools did really excellent and well prepared drama presentations based on some of the books they had been asked to read. Here are the schools and the books they dramatized. Be warned, there’s some Welsh here and I am half Welsh and I know it when I hear it! Can’t speak it unfortunately but there you are. My mum spoke it and her mum did too but I was never taught this wonderful and ancient language. I wish I had been but there you are….

Or whatever the Welsh for there you are is.

St Joseph’s RC School Colwyn Bay,  Ysgol Bro Dyfrdwy Cynnwd, Mountain Lane CP School Buckley and Rhostyllen CP School Wrexham all dramatised part of I Don’t Believe It Archie by Andrew Norriss.

 Ysgol Hen Golwyn Old Colwyn dramatised Shrunk! by FR Hitchcock
Pendorlan School Colwyn Bay and  Ysgol Penbarras Ruthin dramatised Tree of Leaf and Flame by Daniel Morden and Brett BreckonYsgoly Castell Rhuddlan, Ysgol Coe’r Nant Connah’s Quay, Ysgol y Llan Whitford and Ysgol Deinial Marchwiel Wrexham all dramatised Wonder by RJ PalacioSt Peter’s CP School Rossett dramatised part of Monacello by Geraldine McCaughrean.

All these presentations were of a very high order, real quality. There were three of us judges and it was so difficult to choose the best presentation. In the end, Ysgol y Llan Whitford won it by a Welsh whisker.

But that wasn’t the end of it all because as I performed some of my poems to the children and their parents and teachers, (which everybody seemed to enjoy) the librarians were adding up all the points scored in the quiz and in the drama competition and there was an overall winner declared. HOORAY!! (Which is Welsh for HOORAY!)

Then I presented some prizes to the two runners up and a huge plate as well as some prizes to the winners.

Who happened to be (ROLL OF WELSH DRUMS)    Ysgol y Llan Whitford.

It was a really wonderful day spent celebrating books and poetry and having fun with words and ideas. It was impressive stuff and all 12 schools were great, they had worked so hard on their quizzes and their dramatic presentations. They really were of an outstanding quality. I was proud to be part of the whole event and I know just how hard all the library service people worked as well as all the teachers and other adults in those schools.

The winners!!!!! Ysgol Y Llan

The winners!!!!!
Ysgol Y Llan

Davis with Penbarrass School!

David with Penbarrass School!


Everybody was given a copy of the new book by Me and my friend Paul Cookson as a prize, so I signed them all.

Everybody was given a copy of the new book by Me and my friend Paul Cookson as a prize, so I signed them all.

SO A HUGE WELL DONE (in Welsh and English) to the librarians, teachers, grown-ups and kids of North East Wales, you are FAB.