Sheffield Library Event June 1st 2013

This event was part of the Sheffield Poetry Festival. A few grown ups and some children came along to the library and I shared a few poems with lots of joining in. Then I talked about how grown-ups ALWAYS say that the games they played all those years ago were BETTER than the games kids play nowadays, especially as the grown ups ALWAYS played outside and didn’t have any computer games. And the kids know this is all bonkers and that their games are LOADS better.

So, I read my new poem My Game Is Better Than Your Game and the chorus goes

And we never had an X Box

And we never has a Wii…pronounced Wee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I did have a wee when I was a boy, otherwise I would have exploded but you see what I mean. Anyway, the children made a verse of a poem about their games with me, the grown ups made a verse about all the old games they used to play, helped by the WONDERFUL Alexis from the library, and then we chanted them out, which was utterly brilliant and well done all of you who came along!

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