Rosehill Juniors Combined Arts Project June 2013

Once again I found myself at this remarkable Junior School in Rawmarsh, Rotherham. Every child in the school is involved in the project. On Monday there was an idea, on Friday there were two performances (and a dress rehearsal for the children of Rosehill Infants School to enjoy). I had drafted an outline for a story, carrying on from last year’s project where Professor Bryony Clocks and her friends had been stranded on the planet Siloobia. This year, they all returned safely to Rawmarsh, using a Siloobian Time Machine. The show was all about their strange journey through time. They met a Pharoah (Called Pharoah Nuff!), a particularly dozy set of Roman Soldiers led by an exasperated officer, Henry V11, Shakespeare, and loads more as well as escaping from a Siloobian Dragon and drafting in Sir Alex You Know Who to be the coach for the Siloobian Inter-Galactic Cup football team. Mr. McJannet and Mr.Holmes worked with me to help the actors (Y3 to Y6) to improvise the drama that told the story. The rest of the children were dancers, singers, musicians, prop makers and set painters. All the grown ups in the school worked alongside one of the groups and Mr Wagstaff the Headteacher, who puts this together every year, bought in Louise the dancer as well as professional musicians and singers. Once again there were two great shows and the parents and the whole school loved it!!! A fantastic week!!!!!!!! I can’t wait until next time when I will have to devise a brand-new framework, based (as it always is) on ideas from the children and the adults who work in the school. Oh, and a few ideas of my own. Usually we need to make HUGE puppets of Dragons, Monsters, Space Machines and so on…..well, we will all see what happens next year!

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