Some more schools I recently visited.


Many thanks to the Y6 pupils at Flowery Fields Primary School in Hyde for working very hard ALL DAY at really tough stuff to do with grammar and story writing. They were great. I met them on the 14th of March. and we planned and wrote very exciting stories AND learned about or revisited some things to do with grammar and clauses. It is a very good school with very good teachers. Thank you.

The next day (15th) I visited the Emmaus RC and C of E Primary School in Sheffield. I spent all day working with Foundation and KS1 pupils and they really were funny and great to meet. They wrote some outstanding poems. This is a big busy bustling school, full of great people who looked after me really well and I didn’t get lost once. The children worked very hard and didn’t mind sitting on the carpet telling me stuff about dinosaurs.

They said dinosaurs stink because they don’t wash. or something like that. Anyway you can’t find them in zoos any more. Just shoe shops.

On the 21st of March, I visited Great Ouseburn Primary School just north of York. I was made very welcome indeed and spent a fab day laughing and laughing and then laughing some more. The children in each class made some excellent poems, big and noisy with a chorus and then we all met at the end of the day with some parents and the children performed their poems.

In all these schools, and many others, I was asked what my favourite poem was, one that I had written that I really liked.

There are two answers.

The first is my poem Mister Moore, Mister Moore, creaking down the corridor

You can read it here on this website.

The second poem I really like is the newest one I have written. You can find it (The Worse Place To Find An Alien) in my new book, written with Paul. It’s called It Came From Outer Space!  Here’s the cover. Carl Flint is just brilliant.

Carl Flint's incredible cover art for our new book. It really is something isn't it???

Carl Flint’s incredible cover art for our new book. It really is something isn’t it???

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