Ropsley C of E Primary School, Lincolnshire

On Friday the 8th of March, I visited this lovely school in the middle of Foggy- Misty- Look -Out- For -Monsters-In-The-Murk Lincolnshire. It is a very small school, full of such friendly people. I was made to feel really at home. Parts of the building go back over 100 years in age and other bits are much more modern. As you know I am Very Old Indeed so I recognised the 100 year old bits straight away as they reminded me of my friend Queen Victoria.

The pupils of Ropsley Primary were such a great audience that I carried on performing my poems for nearly an hour! Then I met them all again in their class groups and we made up big performance poems with a chorus. Y5/6 made up a poem about an alien takeaway which was every bit as revolting as the children at Hilton School the day before. Must be something especially YUKKY about Y5 and Y6 everywhere,  huh?

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