Hilton Primary School, Hilton Derbyshire; World Book Day

On Thursday 7th of March, World Book Day, I visited this big, bustling, busy school. Karen Cox the librarian had booked me ages ago so that I was able to visit on this special day. I was really pleased that she had because it was such a fabulous day. All the adults and the children were wearing fancy dress as book characters (well, they said they were! Perhaps it’s always like that in Hilton Primary!!!) and there were lots of Harry Potter characters, Cats In Hats and loads more. Amazing!!!!! I performed poems to the Infants and then to the Juniors and then I met them all as year groups and we invented big poems to shout out loud. Year 6 made up some particularly revolting alien food for their new Intergalactic Restaurant and there were a great many monster and aliens-are-attacking poems. I read Y6 my poem about an alien restaurant, here are the first 2 verses:

Went down to the alien restaurant

Saw the menu there

Strange and slimy, it said ‘Try Me,

Eat Here If You Dare!’

Went down to the alien restaurant

Ate Grooblik-Grotgrunge curry

All wriggle and writhe, still alive

Slurped it in a hurry.

YUK!!!! You get the idea.

Thank you Hilton Primary School for a fantastic day, I thought you were brilliant and I really really enjoyed meeting you all.

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