The Next Bit Of Catching Up!!!!!

Let me tell you about Greenlands Junior School in Sheffield. They had a whole afternoon in January dedicated to a wide selection of many varied events, including hearing my poems.It was called a Mela. I met so many people from the school and its community as the children and their parents (and loads of other grown ups) moved from room to room choosing different activities. Amazing!

Later that week I was in St. Augustine’s Junior School in Worksop, performing poems and encouraging the pupils to make their own big poems with me as well as doing some Drama work about Jack and the Beanstalk and writing interesting versions of the story. Really good day!!

Later that month I visited Denholme Primary School in Bradford, well halfway up a massive hillside above Bradford actually. The week before there had been so much snow up there that the school had to close briefly, and I can see why. It would take a sled and several packs of very well trained Huskies to get up that hill in snow!

It’s a great school and the boys and girls there were really friendly, really lively and full of ideas. I performed my poems to them and then every class made up some great poems with me. The grown ups in this school were really funny and the whole day was just fabbo!!!!

Then in February MY NEW BOOK was published.


I wrote it with my friend Paul Cookson and Carl Flint did the Amazing And Utterly Brilliant Illustrations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published by Macmillans Children’s Books, it is crammed with great poems (even though I say so myself) about aliens and monsters and rockets and planets and UFOs and alien attacks and alien take-away food and lots more. Paul and Carl and I love it  and think it’s one of the best books we have published. There is actually a facebook site and if you are old enough to visit it you can see more illustrations.

David with his biggest fan!

David with his biggest fan!

Paul Cookson with his biggest fan!

Paul Cookson with his biggest fan!

Carl Flint's incredible cover art for our new book. It really is something isn't it???

Carl Flint’s incredible cover art for our new book. It really is something isn’t it???

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