Aliens in Schools!! (oh yes)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the 25th of February I visited Carlton Central Junior School in Carlton, Nottingham and spent a LOT of the day talking about weird chickens with nine legs and three wings, aliens, UFOs, space monsters and how teachers could be aliens in disguise.

You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the OUP book, Monster Poems, edited by John Foster ( a very important poet and editor who was the first person to put my poems in children’s books many years ago) and illustrated by the staggeringly amazing Korky Paul, (see his drawings in Winnie the Witch books as well) there is a poem by me called Watch Your Teacher Carefully, because you never know. I read it out a lot that day.


Brilliant school, brilliant kids, brilliant grown ups, one or two aliens.

1 thought on “Aliens in Schools!! (oh yes)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Thank you so much for visiting Carlton Central Junior School, it was an absolutely fantastic day, not only were the children energised to go on and read and write more poetry but a lot of teachers were re-energised to teach it.

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