A bit of catching up to do!!!!!!


I am really sorry to any of you who have followed my blog and I KNOW I haven’t posted for yonks but now I am …so (deep breath) here we go with what happened since October!!

Well, on October 23rd I visited Allerton Primary School in Goole. This was on behalf of the Poetry Society. I have been several times to this great school before and I always enjoy my time there. Once again, I was helping the Y6 children write poems as part of the celebration of the Norwegian Christmas Tree that is sent to London every year from Norway. This year we wrote poems about the friendship that the tree represents between Great Britain and Norway, and some of those poems formed part of the celebrations at Christmas in Trafalgar Square.

November 2012 found Spill The Beans performing at Mansfield library, helping to celebrate the great work the library service does and to be part of a fantastic event as loads of children and young people were given awards for a variety of reading challenges they had undertaken. Libraries are just SO IMPORTANT aren’t they?

Then I returned to Allingham Primary school, this time to work with all the classes, over a week, in Drama. The children and all the grown-ups in this school were fabulous to work with and we made up some amazing stories using all sorts of Drama ideas, and then the children wrote their stories down. I was also able to read my poems to the classes I worked with and all-in-all it was a most exciting week. What a school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later in November I was meeting yet more fantastic librarians as part of the Northern Children’s Book Festival and I visited Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School in Peterlee on one day and Thomas Walling Primary School in Plausworth the next. I perfromed loads of poems and everybody joined in and had a really good time.

This really is a great job.

In December i was back on the Wirral, staying with John and Norma again and spending a day in Whitby Heath Primary School near Ellesmere Port.

This was an Able Writer’s day which meant that I met pupils from several schools as well as the host school and we did a lot of work on story writing. We looked at the structure and the grammar of writing stories and during the day all the children wrote an excellent piece of work.

Later on in December I was back at Bishop Grosseteste University College in Lincoln working with PGCE students, talking about poetry and performing poems.

Which brings us to 2013!!!!

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