My New Favourite Comments!!

These two things were said after I had performed at Halifax Central Library as part of the Calderdale Cool List celebrations and I think they are generous, kind and really nice to hear!


‘Most writers can take it too seriously but David Harmer makes you laugh but he is still serious about poetry’

‘The David person was very funny’

Halifax Central Library; March 13th


The 13th of March 2013 found me at Halifax Central Library performing poems to very clever pupils from all over Halifax as part of a celebration of reading and books.

The children had all read these four books;

Calderdale Cool List -the coolest in Calderdale

Cloud Busting – Malorie Blackman 

The Wierdstone of Brisingamen – Alan Garner

Wonderstruck – Brian Selznick

Wolf Brother – Michelle Paver   

What happened was, I performed to half the crowd and the others did some fabulous activities with the librarians (like making dream catchers) which everyone really enjoyed and then after some refreshing  juice, we swapped over and I performed again to the other half of the crowd as my first audience made stuff. What an exciting morning!! It really went well and Lynne and all her colleagues deserve a HUGE BIG UP for all they did and how hard they worked.

Here are some comments;

Everyone had a great time – really enjoyed it!

Lynne Hackett

Discover Learning Manager

Central Library

Halifax HX1 1UN

The children said some kind things too;

David Harmer was amazing!’

‘The day was entertaining’

‘David Harmer was funny’

‘David Harmer is hilarious and gobsmackingly funny!’

‘It’s been absolutely minted’

These are my two favourite comments;

‘Most writers can take it too seriously but David Harmer makes you laugh but he is still serious about poetry’

‘The David person was very funny’

That’s me from now on! The David Person who makes you laugh but is serious about poetry!
It’s true, I am.

So a big THANKYOU to all the librarians in Halifax that day and all the amazing, funny and talented children I met. Oh, by the way, the kids had to vote on their favourite book out of the four and I had to read out the ballot.

Wolf Brother won, just! All four are great reads but Wolf Brother is really excellent and very exciting. Try it!

WHOOPS!!! I have just been reminded by Sophie, one of the wonderful librarians, that in fact Wonderstuck won, so I apologise for getting it wrong.

Ropsley C of E Primary School, Lincolnshire

On Friday the 8th of March, I visited this lovely school in the middle of Foggy- Misty- Look -Out- For -Monsters-In-The-Murk Lincolnshire. It is a very small school, full of such friendly people. I was made to feel really at home. Parts of the building go back over 100 years in age and other bits are much more modern. As you know I am Very Old Indeed so I recognised the 100 year old bits straight away as they reminded me of my friend Queen Victoria.

The pupils of Ropsley Primary were such a great audience that I carried on performing my poems for nearly an hour! Then I met them all again in their class groups and we made up big performance poems with a chorus. Y5/6 made up a poem about an alien takeaway which was every bit as revolting as the children at Hilton School the day before. Must be something especially YUKKY about Y5 and Y6 everywhere,  huh?

Hilton Primary School, Hilton Derbyshire; World Book Day

On Thursday 7th of March, World Book Day, I visited this big, bustling, busy school. Karen Cox the librarian had booked me ages ago so that I was able to visit on this special day. I was really pleased that she had because it was such a fabulous day. All the adults and the children were wearing fancy dress as book characters (well, they said they were! Perhaps it’s always like that in Hilton Primary!!!) and there were lots of Harry Potter characters, Cats In Hats and loads more. Amazing!!!!! I performed poems to the Infants and then to the Juniors and then I met them all as year groups and we invented big poems to shout out loud. Year 6 made up some particularly revolting alien food for their new Intergalactic Restaurant and there were a great many monster and aliens-are-attacking poems. I read Y6 my poem about an alien restaurant, here are the first 2 verses:

Went down to the alien restaurant

Saw the menu there

Strange and slimy, it said ‘Try Me,

Eat Here If You Dare!’

Went down to the alien restaurant

Ate Grooblik-Grotgrunge curry

All wriggle and writhe, still alive

Slurped it in a hurry.

YUK!!!! You get the idea.

Thank you Hilton Primary School for a fantastic day, I thought you were brilliant and I really really enjoyed meeting you all.

Able Writers: Godley Community Primary School, Hyde

Once again I drove over the Woodhead Pass into Lancashire and for the first time since records began in 1899, it was raining in South Yorkshire and sunny near Manchester!! (Ok well maybe not since then, but it was very cheerful in Hyde). I met pupils from the host school and from visiting schools and we planned and wrote stories, using lots of adding, changing and connecting. We also looked at clauses and some other aspects of KS2 grammar. The pupils and their grown ups worked really hard and the day flew by. Many thanks to Godley Primary for hosting the event.

Pheonix Infants School, Gedling Nottingham

I had been to this wonderful school once before when I worked with all the classes in F2 and KS1 using some Drama to encourage the children to write stories. This time I was using my poems. It was SUCH GREAT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially when I was performing the poems and all the school was joining in. A huge thank you to Mrs Harper the Headteacher, and everybody concerned, especially the little boy who said he had an alien in his house and another little girl who said her dad was an alien.

It could all be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One parent said this to Mrs.Harper

” Tayla has thoroughly enjoyed David Harmer’s visit at school today, she said she couldn’t stop laughing and has been reciting some of his poems. Thank you!”

And Mrs Harper said’ Once again the feedback was extremely positive from the children and adults.’

The first photo is me with a Pheonix pirate and the second one is me surrendering to loads of Pheonix Infants, actually it’s us all performing a poem about Creepy-Crawlies!

David at Pheonis Infants with a pirate next to himDavid surrendering to pupils at Pheonix Infant School! Really it's a poem about creepy crawlies!