Video Conferencing in Scunthorpe.

On Thursday the 4th and Friday 5th of October I went to just outside Scunthorpe to meet the people who run the YHGfL operation. This boils down to me sitting in front of a camera and reading my poems to kids in their schools on a video link. The children were in front of their interactive whiteboards and they could see and hear me and I could see and hear them. What was really funny was when my friend Andrew who runs this part of the operation, switched on the link before the people in the classroom knew!! So we could see and hear them and they didn’t realise! Tee hee hee!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I read some poems and the children asked me loads of very good questions. Here are the schools I visited by the magic of broadband.

Normanton All Saints , Fairburn Community Primary (who had Burton Salmon Primary with them), St John’s CofE in Wakefield, Oyster Park Primary School in Wakefield, Grange Lane Junior School in North Lincs, Kinsley J and ! School in Wakefield, England Lane school in Wakefield, New Pasture Lane in the East Riding and Upton Primary School in Wakefield.

It really was a bit strange to start with, and sometimes the picture quality went all weird so that the classrooms and the people in them looked like they were swimming around at the bottom of a very blurred pond, but most of the time it was fine. Certainly the schools seemed to like what we did and several teachers have emailed me to say that they and the children really enjoyed the time we spent together. I know I did, although some of the questions were hard.

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