A New Poem, called All Kinds Of Kids!

All Kinds of Kids!

The batty and the chatty

The scatty and the catty

The dippy and the lippy

The gobby and the snobby

The loopy and the droopy

The soppy and the foppy

The feared and revered

And one kid with a beard.


The weedy and the seedy

The stupid and the needy

And the ones who like footy

The ones as soft as putty

The ones who think they’re hard

The ones you disregard

The squirmers and the squigglers

The weirdos and the gigglers.


The grotty and the snotty

The clever and Whatevah

The dreamy and the screamy

The ones who make you weary

The ones who talk like crazy

The ones who are just lazy

The ones we all adore

The ones who are a bore.


The wary and the scary

The freaky and the geeky

The sneaky and the leaky

The stinky and the slinky

The spotty and the dotty

The frumpy and the trumpy

The posers and the losers

The don’t-know-what-to-choosers


The wearing and uncaring

The nerdy and the wordy

The pretty and the gritty

The smiley and the wily

The brave and the dashing

The ones just out of fashion

The ones who chew their nails

The ones who tell big tales

The ones who run in races

The ones who pull daft faces

The ones who yell and shout

The ones who jump about

The ones who love to banter

The one who still loves Santa

The drifter and the grafter

The ones who love laughter.


The lumpy and the grumpy

The happy and the clappy

The cheery and the sneery

The sweet and the sweaty

The ghastly and the ghostly

The hairy and the sweary

The ones who come each day

The ones who stay away.


The ones who like the telly

The ones who are quite smelly

The ones who talk in class

The ones who never pass

The dopey and the ropey

The hapless and the gormless

The ones who like to natter

The ones with chat up patter


All kinds of kids

Everyone unique

Every one of them matters

Every day and every week

Got to help each other

Got to pull through

Don’t care if you like it

It’s what you got to do.

David Harmer July 2012











Sheffield High School For Girls

Another visit to this brilliant school to meet all the Y7 students who were great fun to work with. We made amazing performance poems, many of which were shared with slick moves and crazy dances and then wrote really serious poems for the page. A lot of laughter, a lot of hard work and a lot of great fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you next year!

Spill The Beans; Crediton QE Academy, Devon

SPILL THE BEANS hit Devon on the 26th and 27th of June for our third visit to the school. We always have a great time, with Angie and Rob (lower and upper school librarians) plus a host of their colleagues making us very welcome. We performed two shows to the Y7 pupils who enjoyed them a lot, especially Paul’s frantic electric uke playing which is music but not as we know it! We then performed a show for loads and loads of Y6 pupils who will transfer to QE Academy in September and that went a storm! So did the weather! The next day we worked with Y7 pupils and Y8 pupils who had a strong interest in writing. The pupils wrote stories with me and poems with Paul. Another great time. Many thanks to you all.

PS Actually Paul is quite good on the uke but don’t tell him I said so.

North Denes Junior School, Great Yarmouth

Working for Able Writers I drove down through torrential rains to  Norfolk to do a day’s work in this excellent school. We were joined by several other schools and spent the day devising and writing stories with great structures and a really lively attention being paid to using WOW words. ING words and a variety of connectives and clauses so that we added, changed and connected ideas to enhance their depth and quality. The colleagues at North Denes Junior School could not have been more welcoming, patient and supportive. A really excellent day. Thank you to everyone concerned.

Rosehill Junior School, Rawmarsh Rotherham.

During the week of June 11th, I was once again working on the Combined Arts Project at this remarkable and exciting school, under the eagle eye of Headteacher Martin Wagstaff.  I was wonderfully supported by all the staff and all the other colleagues bought in for the week. Once again a great production involving drama, dance, music, singing, set design, art and props was devised with three performances on the Friday. Every child in the school was involved. A terrific week!!!!!!!!!!!

Manor Leas Junior School



As part of my involvement with BGT University College and The Poetry Society I was able to spend a wonderful day at this really thriving Junior School. Having already visited the Infants I knew I would meet lovely children and really welcoming grown ups, and I did! I spent the day with colleagues from the school and PGCE students Jodie and David and then performed some poems to the whole school. An excellent day!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

Manor Leas Infant School North Hykeham Lincoln

Me and my pal performing Mason The Moody Monster

The Manor Leas Pirate Crew

Joining In!


As part of my work with BGT University College Lincoln and The Poetry Society, I worked with two PGCE students in this  lovely, busy school. As well as working with colleagues I also performed poems to all the pupils in the hall. The day went very well and I found it really enjoyable and I think the school did too!!!!!!