two great Able Writer days

On Monday 26th March i went to Grundisburgh Primary School near Ipswich and had a fantastic time with the very clever pupils i met there and their clever grown ups! On Thursday 19th April i went to Water Leys Primary School near Leicester and had another fantastic day. Everybody wrote really remarkable and original stories that were exciting and mature. I am really looking forward to going back to Suffolk again on Monday 23rd April, which happens to be the date that my favourite writer of all time, William Shakespeare, had his birth registered. Sadly, it was also the day upon which his death was registered. Luckily we are talking about two different Aprils, otherwise it wouldn’t have been much of a life…

PS If anyone thinks the Earl of Oxford wrote those plays, they are bonkers! How could he have written Macbeth two years after he died?!?

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